Why sustainability?

"It refers to the need to develop sustainable models necessary for both the human race and planet Earth to survive"

Our materials

01 / Fasal a 100% Circular wood-resin material
02 / I:CO 100% Circular textile fiber-resin material
03 / ECOR 100% Circular and replaces MDF, Chipboard and Plywood

Fasal is composed of wood and renewable natural raw materials.  The main component of wood comes from sustainably managed forests certified under PEFC system. 

At Vertex USA we offer, and market hangers and other products made from Fasal.

To your sustainable hanger program, we offer full-circle project management starting with your designs all the way to mold construction and the final product.

All processes and products developed are protected by patent.


I:CO material is a compound of recycled textile fiber and recycled resin. And post-consumer it is recyclable and by this Circular

One of the challenges in all textile industries is the afterlife of fabrics. The landfills are overflowing with garments and other textiles. At Vertex USA we have found a way how to use recycled textiles in our hangers and by this contribute to circularity and sustainability that meets our customer's sustainability policies.

The material is a patent-pending by Vertex

ECOR is one of our new material suppliers. They produce an advanced, high performance, sustainable green building material. Designed to enable the Circular Economy. The premier material is certified Cradle-to-Cradle for use in the built environment to embody the design principles of the Circular Economy for building products, construction, interior design, furniture and beyond. Recommended by the Pharos Healthy Building Network as a healthy material, free of toxic chemicals and harmful VOC

ECOR outperforms traditional materials including wood, MDF, particleboard, cardboard and foam for strength to weight, spanning and does not splinter.

06 / Vertex PU - Durable and fast to  market
05 / FSC Certified Wood - The best alternative for humans and the enviroment 
04 / Plastic for Change - Vertex partner and source for ethical plastic
plastoc fpr change.png

Vertex USA PU (Polyutherane) is an almost unbreakable mannequin and forms material. The resin is recycled and combined with Vertex reversed logistics you mannequins will be recycled and back to Vertex USA manufacturing and to various industries.

Vertex offers FSC certified wood. Both in custom design and catalog products. All categories from top, coat and pant and others are available. Accessories such as metal hooks, clips, and bars in endless finishes are standard. By choosing FSC certified wood you can assure the whole supply chain is meeting human, social and environmental values.

Please read more on www.fsc.org

07 / Paper Paste Mannequins and Forms in 100% Circular Material

Plastic for Change is a leading organization for plastic waste management in countries with no government-supported waste management infrastructure. Therefore, the waste is ending up in our oceans or in landfills. A massive environmental catastrophe and loss of materials that are perfectly suitable for recycling and used in new products. Plastic for Change and Vertex USA’s supply chain is a guarantee for retailers and brands that the product you will receive is recycled, human and environmental values are met. From Plastic for Change Vertex have access to basically all types of plastics. Always recycled and with some materials circular.

Vertex USA is the official partner with Pasqual Arnella. Pasqual Arnella is a manufacturer of mannequins and visual merchandising items made from recycled paper paste. The company was founded in Barcelona in 1892 as a paper mache toy manufacturer. Nowadays Pasqual Arnella is specialized in the production of sustainable mannequins, bust forms and shop window decoration for the global fashion industry. Pasqual Arnella’s material, the paper paste, is the most ecological option to develop any shape, since it’s entirely made from recycled paper, without adhesives or toxic substances

"Closing the loop"

Meet Vertex


We have been around for 25+ years as Industry Partner to retailers and brands. Right from the beginning, we realized for our industry to survive and thrive in the future, we will need alternative materials.

It was a very challenging beginning, but nowadays after nearly two decades of promoting sustainable materials finally have traction in our industry. We would like to thank our forward-thinking customers for this change in attitude.

Our company is continuously investing in research for new sustainable and circular materials. We build partnerships with new innovative materials, labs, and universities that have developed a new material that have the potential to become commercial on the retail scene. Our role is to industrialize the material and guide the material supplier into the retail environment. The final product we are delivering must always meet the required aesthetics, cost budgets and just in time deliveries. So far we are meeting all challenges and would love to be challenged by more brands and retailers all over the world.


We want to be the number one go-to partner with retailers and brands that have the desire or policy to choose sustainable materials for their retail projects. We understand that design, quality, budgets are key drivers to take the project off the ground. We promise all partners that we will be there all the way. From design support to prototyping. On-time in-store dates and we are taking responsibility for the product you will receive is in superior quality. Vertex USA  will also be there when the lifecycle of the product is over. Our reversed logistics is a service that is already in place for customers. All reversed logistics have to be customized to fit the need of our customers. All depending on the number of locations, DC’s, etc.

You can be assured and feel good that your waste will not end up in landfill. That’s sort of the whole idea.


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We do not share and take advantage of our global partner's brand names.

(We are still proud of all of them)


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