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Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Individual, Responsible, Resource-Efficient.

We have been transforming our customers’ ideas and requests into a reality ever since 1973. All manufacturing just takes place at social and environmental compliant productions. Ensuring fair conditions is our top priority. We take our responsibility towards mankind and the environment very seriously and guarantee environmentally friendly materials and sustainable processes. We are your certified and reliable partner. And we do what we are best at: making hangers. 

Original, Innovative, Inspiring.

Wood is one of the most important raw materials, prized for its structure, look and versatility. But it isn’t available in an endless supply – so it’s time to rethink things! To optimize materials. To protect this stock. To improve the carbon footprint. Successfully developed in co-operation with the University of Vienna, the thermoplastic biomaterial Fasal is processed in injection molding machines and has emerged as a true cost-effective alternative to wood. 

At Vertex, we apply this green material in hanger production, opening up new possibilities in the fashion and textile industries. The innovative wood material is ideal for true-to-detail shaping and three-dimensional design. Our services also include aspects such as custom designs and various finishing options. As a hanger specialist, we have introduced a true innovation to the market with the environmentally friendly Fasal injection-molded wood. 

Hangers made of Wood, recycled and reusable.

  • Produced primarily using renewable raw materials

  • Wood chips are local sourced from sustainable forest management, recycled bioplastic

  • More flexible than wood and better than plastic – with a wood-like look and properties

  • Absolutely no waste produced during manufacture

  • Not only stable and long-lasting, but easily polished, coated and dyed

  • 100% recyclable

  • Resistant to environmental influences such as humidityIdeal for high volumes

  • Absolutely colorfast, hygienic and can even be washed in a soap solution 

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