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Updated: Mar 30, 2020

With 25 years of classical sculpturing expertise, we have the experience to provide a hand- crafted mannequin starting from design and sculpting to  the technical construction.

The digital contribution to our workflow is nowadays married with our classical sculpting process. With in-house 3D design and printing, we have speeded up and increased our creative capacity- but we have kept the feel and look of artistic sculpting. By this we avoid the cold and static feel that comes with 100% digital designs.

The sculptor’s creative process begins with a briefing session with the customer.

The design and expression you desire is discussed in detail during the face-to-face briefing. The mannequin’s skeleton is then welded in preparation for the modeling process.

The sculptor spreads the clay onto the skeleton and with the finest craftsmanship models it into the desired form.

The modeled prototype is covered with several layers of liquid silicone. It solidifies into a second skin.

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